Background Edit

Yuca Rifa Saharjani was born on the 8th of June, 1951 in Surabaya, Central Java, Indonesia. Her father was a Telecommunications officer for Indonesia's largest and oldest Telecommunications company Telkom Indonesia and her mother was a typist for Indonesia's largest news company Metro. She had one older brother who was born in 1948 and a younger sister born in 1955. Her family were proud members of the Indonesian Communist Party and lived a relatively comfortable middle-class life. During the 1965-66 massacre of Indonesian Communists, her family attempted to flee to a relative in Ternate but were ratted out by their neighbors before they could secure transport. Her entire family was killed and their bodies disposed off in a mass grave, except for her. Putri was transported to a prison in Bogor, DKI Jakarta where she was basically used as a sex slave to CIA Agents Carter Morganson and Peter Christopher who also tortured her using car batteries and electric chairs. She was also forced to let her hair grow as long as possible. Somehow in October of 1966, she escaped the prison but since her vision and movements were heavily impaired due to the extreme length of her hair, she tripped in the middle of the road and was accidentally run over by an Angkot. Records say she died at 02:31 AM, October 21st 1966.

Unlike most ghosts, she immediately came to terms with the fact that she died immediately after death, possessing the driver of the Angkot and driving aimlessly through the streets of Bogor until sunrise. She wandered the Jakarta province until 1967 when she caught news of the Vietnam war from restaurant patrons. Still angry with the CIA (albeit from scattered memories) and retaining her Communist beliefs, decided to castaway on a plane to Hanoi and help her Communist allies. She spent her years in Vietnam supporting the North Vietnamese in any way possible (possessing soldiers to shoot each other, commandeering American tanks and using them on other American tanks, burning supply caches, etc.) and also brutally murdering any CIA Agent she happened to come across on. When the war ended in 1975, she boarded a cargo plane heading for America and hoped to take out the entire CIA Headquarters. Unfortunately for her, the plane landed in San Francisco and so she had to posses numerous taxi drivers, truck drivers, and families just going on road trips until she could reach Washington DC. Along the way however, her anger towards the CIA subsided (but not completely vanished) and so she decided to take a detour to New York City. The Organization was aware of her presence since she exited Cincinnati and conducted standard procedure, creating false official records and a false identity.

Current Whereabouts Edit

Yuca Saharjani is formerly registered as:

Yuca Mahasari Resa Saharjani

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: June 8th, 1994

Place of Birth: Surabaya, Central Java, Republic of Indonesia

Address: No Address Listed, New York, New York, United States of America (reports indicate that she takes up residence somewhere along the Jackie Robinson Parkway)

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5, 6

In the New York Civillian Database. She currently attends John-Adams High School in East New York as a cover for her identity and is provided with an student allowance of $200 a month due to standard Organization procedure. Police records indicate that she has not committed any offences whatsoever and currently maintains a clean record.

(Thats what they think.)

(She has a liking for cats.)