The United Association of Supernatural Forces, more commonly known as the UASF, is the secretive self-proclaimed ruling international governing body for any and all supernatural and/or magic-based beings on Earth. Although in practice it does not have jurisdiction for a notable number of prominent supernatural races, such as the Hunters or the Demons from the ROH.

History Edit

The UASF's history can be traced back to the Islamic Golden Age, where a trading convoy travelling along the silk road to China died under mysterious circumstances. The members soon turned into spirits and ghosts, and continued their journey eastward, where they managed to meet up with other supernatural beings and form an organised body dedicated to finding and protecting as many magic-based beings as possible from the back room of a blacksmiths in Beijing. Soon-thereafter, their operations grew into Russia and Europe, and along with their empires into the world, where with their resistance to cold weather soon bought them to Alaska, where they decided their main base of operations should take place in order to keep them from prying human eyes.

Social Services Edit

The UASF operates a global network of specially designed social and health services catered to the needs of the thousands of different types of supernaturals that roam the Earth. This operates through an international network of various health and insurance companies wholly owned and operated by the UASF, with great measures taken to avoid discovery by the general populace.

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Military Edit

The UASF assumes responsibility for the general protection of it's registered citizens, mostly from discovery from the general populace, but also from themselves. Dangers such as supernatural criminals, dangerous magic-based beings such as dragons, rogue terrorist cells and the UASF's counterparts in the world are all deemed threats, and as such the UASF has built up a large and fairly respectable military throughout the centuries. The military also doubles as a police force for supernatural related crimes, which the UASF thoroughly monitors.

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The military is divided depending on their location, of which there are seven (North America, Africa, West Europe, East Europe, West Asia, East Asia, Oceania), named Areas. Each Area has their own Area Commander, who is directly in command of the numerous areal divisions within the Area based on their general geographic area varying in size from the coast of a nation to an entire country (i.e. Mongolia, North China, South Japan, etc) named Districts, of which they also have their own District Officers to command units operating from their District. The actual military units, such as armoured divisions or air wings, are allocated by the District they operate from, followed by their numerical designation and then their size, i.e. the West Coast 2nd Mechanised Infantry Brigade.

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The Army of the UASF are their land based units, ranging from armoured divisions to police blocs.

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