Thanks to the completely douchey dorkiness from one of the creators, a lot of shit is different in the MG Timeline, due to Supernatural interference or not. Here's a list of them so i don't forget.


  • Supernatural beings exist. Obviously.
  • World War 2 lasted 2 more years, into 1947.
    • The Battle of Britain was a stalemate, and German forces were able to launch a land invasion of the United Kingdom. Dad's Army had a badass stand at London Bridge, and British forces managed to hold off the Germans long enough for an American intervention. Germans pushed out of Britain by February 1942. Insert mentioning of Jack's dad here.
    • The final years of the war was a gruesome, World War 1 style stalemate, albeit more mobile. After France was freed, Germany successfully defended against the invading allied forces. Afterwards came constant counter-attacks and the re-taking of land by both sides. Slow progress was made through Italy. Allied forces attempted to reach Germany via Switzerland, but was met with surprising resistance. Soviet forces were cut off from invading Germany via Poland with a British landing of Poland from Scandinavia, and small skirmishes and conflicts occurred with GB and the USSR.
  • Al Gore was successfully elected president of the United States of America instead of George H.W. Bush. A resulting affect being the Internet became much more proficient earlier.
  • The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre did not happen. Here's why.
    • After the disastrous effects of the War of South East Asia, America opted to stay out of funding the Mujahideen during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The Soviets succeeded and annexed Afghanistan into the Afghanistan Soviet Socialist Republic. As a result Afghanistan is comparable to Ukraine today.
    • As such, Al-Qaeda would never be formed and Osama Bin Laden and all afflatus were ruthlessly wiped out by Soviet forces.
    • Another affect would be since Al-Qaeda would never be formed, ISIS would never have risen to any considerable power. As such, Syria's rough crack-down on protestors during the Arab Spring bought massive international backlash, and ISIS could never affiliate themselves with the rebels, and so further support would come from the US. The rebels would later go onto win civil war and a democracy is established by mid-to-late 2012.
  • The Soviet Union still exists (in 2011 thus far). Similar to China. East Germany was never part of the USSR (see above).
  • Puerto Rico is an official US state, as well as the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa).
  • There's a MagLev track being built alongside the New York Subway system. It's set to be finished by March 2012. A MagLev Tram is also being built along several busy boulevards and 2 lane roads.
  • Commodore still exists, being comparable to Compaq today.
  • Space travel still persists as it did in the '60s to '80s. The Soviet space station Mir is still operational up until early 2012 when it de-orbits, with Sherman going down with it. There's also a small, semi-permanent moon colony, with more buildings and astronauts set to be delivered by 2013, and a manned Mars landing is scheduled by 2016. The US and the USSR also both have re-useable spacecraft, the US being an advanced "Trinity" class space shuttle and the USSR boasting a re-useable Soyuz single-stage rocket.
  • Palestine became a country in 1967 and is constantly guarded by UN Peacekeepers from Israel.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is insane, and constantly wants to wage war against the US and take back the "13 Colonies", against the wishes of the parliament.
  • Donald Trump survives 5th assassination attempt in corporate war.
  • Outbreak of mutated Crimeans from nearby nuclear powerplant meltdown causes debate on wether or not to modify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to include cyclops' and birdpeople as separate species'.
  • Britney Spears incarcerated in 2006 for raping gay long-lost twin brother.
  • Miley Cyrus travels to middle-east to promote women's rights and is imprisoned and tortured for spying and "immorality" charges.