The Citadel is the headquarters of hunter activity and contains the Palace, the centre of government activity and intelligence. It can only be accessed via portal, and even then there is extremely strict security at the ports. The portals to the Citadel are located at the main airport of the capital city of each country. Approximately half a million citizens, including three thousand students, live in the Citadel.

Many Citadel citizens lead ordinary lives there working as teachers, Royal Guards, students, government representatives or at a business in the city. Some Citadel citizens live normally in the human world and return to the Citadel at night. Most Citadel-born hunters don’t legally exist in the human world, seeing as the Citadel isn’t considered part of any human country.

2012 Supernatural Siege of the Citadel Edit

This, however, all changed following the events of the 2012 Supernatural Siege of the Citadel. Following the siege, the Organization was finally made aware of the existence of the Citadel when repeated offender Félix Fontaine, an extremely rare example of a Class B, Type 3 werewolf organised a rally of captured Supernaturals in the dungeons of the Citadel from somewhere in France and organised a revolt and attacked the city. After the damage was done, a worldwide investigation was conducted by the Organization leading to the discovery of the Hunters and The Citadel and their operations. Before Fontaine could be found and identified however, the Citadel managed to locate him first and captured him.