Supernaturals is the classification given to any being living, dead, or undead, that still inhabits and co-exists with the human race on planet Earth. All Supernaturals are to be recorded, tested, and monitored by The Organization. These come in numerous different classifications, and thus goes as following:

Living Edit

The list of following supernaturals are living and still have some sort of blood flowing through them.

Werewolves, Total Population 1,145,862 Edit

Their dormant state leaves them behaving and looking like an average human being, but changes into a large, wolf-like creature with thick fur. They come in 2 classes and three subtypes, those being

Class A, Population 938,184 Edit

Has no ability to control self when in active state. Tests indicate that once in an active state, the subject will change back when they have reached a level of calmness, which varies from 20 minutes to 5 days, depending on the subject. This class of supernatural is the most common and more dangerous than Class B.

Class B, Population 207,678 Edit

Unlike Class A, this class can fully or partially control him/herself once in an active state. As the same with Class A, they will remain in their active state until they reach a level of calmness. Tests indicate that the time of Class B subjects undergoing their active state is somewhat shorter than Class A subjects, ranging from 15 minutes to 48 hours at the maximum. This class of werewolf is significantly more scarce than Class A subjects. Tests indicate that the the intelligence query of the subject may have something to do with this.

Type 1 Edit

Changes into their active state once the only natural satellite orbiting the planet Earth, the moon, is in a state of being in full view of Earth. This occurs naturally once a month and so Type 1 subjects only enter their active state during this time. Tests indicate that the longer they are exposed to being in full view of the moon, the longer they are in their active state. Tests where subjects were put into a padded, pitch black room with no view of the moon for the entire period the full moon was in view was successful and subjects did not undergo their usual active state. All Type 1 werewolves are to undergo this procedure themselves whenever a full moon occurs.

Type 2

Changes into their active state once they reach a certain level of anger. Level of anger required for subject to change ranges depending on the subject. Most subjects require an extremely high level of anger to change into their active state, however. All Type 2 werewolves are required to attend a mandatory anger-management class at least once every two months, but encouraged to attend more.

Type 3

Unlike both Type 1 and 2, Type 3 subjects may change into their active state whenever they please and full control over doing so. Type 3 werewolves are extremely rare compared to their counterparts and should be extensively tested if discovered. All Type 3 werewolves are instructed to be in their dormant state at all times and should only be in their active state when under life-threatening circumstances and/or out of line of sight from humans.

Shapeshifters 111,581 Edit

Shapeshifters are beings that may change their appearance at will. This ranges from NUMBER classes and NUMBER subtypes. All shapeshifters have full control over their abilities but some subjects have experienced illnesses which caused momentary uncontrollability, but normal control was reasserted after illness was cured.

Class A, Population 111,573 Edit

Subjects can change their appearance of one or more (or entire body) to only one or more specific other appearance at time. For example, a subject may only change his left arm to only a tentacle and nothing else. These shapeshifters are the most common and are prohibited from changing their appearance that differ from their regular counterparts in the line of sight from humans and may only do so under life-threatening circumstances.

Class B, Population 8 Edit

Subjects can change their appearance of one or more body part (or entire body) to anything they so desire. This class of shapeshifters are extremely rare and should be heavily monitored. Class B is considered a higher threat than Class As.

Mothpeople, Population 16,993 Edit

An interesting race, they take the form of average humans in their dormant state. In their active state however, their skin changes into a grey hue and they grow large wings which are used by the Mothpeople to fly at speeds of up to 60 Km/h. Their eyes also visibly enlarge and glow with a bright red tint. Discovered in early 1967 after investigations of supernatural occurrences in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia, United States. Afterwards, more Mothpeople were discovered in the San Fransisco, New York City, and New Orleans areas. Most Mothpeople were presumed only to be American but later in 1971 it was discovered that Mothpeople were also living in London, England. No earlier evidence of existence prior to 1966. Investigation concludes that very few Mothpeople were once registered normal humans. All Mothpeople are instructed to be in their dormant state at all times, only being in their active state when out of line of sight from humans and/or in life-threatening circumstances. Testing has concluded that the existence of Mothpeople may have something to do with silver coming in contact with dead human tissue. Further testing to see if a human may turn into a Mothperson under explicit circumstances may be required by postponed indefinitely by the higher-ups.

Dead, Population 53,475,367 Edit

Ghosts, Population 27,655 Edit

Ghost are the first class of undead, GAS type beings that roam the area of this universe. They are incapable of physical harm, and are quite weak in Psychological attacks. Most of the time, the worse that they could do is to shock the host, and pick the small, light objects-- such as pens-- 2 feet off the ground, and gently pass it on to whatever they aim at. However, if they reach a certain degree where their determination and anger takes over/fills them, it has been noted that they could pick stronger and larger objects.

Many refers to Ghosts as "Broken Memories", as of their Stayed-Put like characteristics, their lacking of long scale mental development and their strange need to make sure that what they are stays that way. In other words, they refuse to move on, would rather live in the past and tends to not take in the truth. Ghost are harmless creatures with no desire to hurt the living, however some may be mischievous none would go as far as to hurt the living unless it is necessary.

Elimination Methods

Though, there are not a lot of elimination methods that could be done to get rid of a ghost, one common way is to make them realise that what they want is gone. The only known Ghost in the series is Betty.

Spirits, Population 53,447,152 Edit

Spirits are the second class of the undead-GAS type, whose abilities surpasses that of the ghost. Although, Spirits and Ghost are often mistaken as the same entity, they both hold very strong differences which could separate their classifications. Spirits are capable of physical harm, when they are filled with hate and anger, and are able to manifest into something that has mass and would hurt/harm the host depending on how they feel. Some spirits even go to the extent where they can summon up weapons or wield a part of their body to attack their enemy, and use painful psychological tricks wildly known to stick in the hosts mind for more than 1 week.

The reason to why they kept being mistaken as Ghost is because of their appearance. Known Spirits are Yuca

Poltergeists, Population - 560 Edit

By far the 3rd most powerful entities on this planet (1st being genies and 2nd demons). Most have been eliminated, by professional banishers or challenged by spirits, leaving a very scarce population.

They are beings of almost pure magic and have caused at least 1 death in both the supernatural world and the mundane world. As of their nearly pure magic percentage, it would be almost impossible to defeat them physically and would probably end with the attacker being viciously maimed. If a Poltergeists was to ever be reported, a Banisher would be sent to that house in order to get rid of it. Only Banishers are able to get rid of Poltergeist, due to their extensive training and experience with them, but the dangers that come with is still high. To get rid of a Poltergeist with little experience can kill you. Their wild nature often makes them stubborn beings with little or no remorse. Trying to tamper with a poltergeist can also kill you. Holding a Poltergeist would result in your death, and trying to contaminate them with something will anger them and, well kill you.

Spirits on the other hand are different. A spirit, such as Arini, could go up to a poltergeist and challenge them in a duel, to post-death. Why only spirits, well they both are made up of the same material and have extremely similar attacks, which they could use to kill/hurt/defeat each other. A spirit could also negotiate with a Poltergeist and make alliances with them.

Guns are ineffective to poltergeist as they would just redirect the bullet to the shooter and just past through them. How do the do that? Well, anything that enters a poltergeist possessed house, that is either physical or holdable, can becomes one of the poltergeist play toy. A bullet, in mid air, would become possessed by the poltergeist and be redirected to whatever it is that they aim. "But that's too powerful", I've already stated that the Poltergeist's are the 3rd most powerful beings on this planet and are capable of horrible and immense things which could be out of many peoples control. Anything that enters, what they claim is theirs, could become one of its toys; rooms would change and hallways would turn and twist to the point where no one, or at least anyone with little Poltergeist experience, could escape it. Pocket Realms can be created by them in closet or TV''s , and simple cute objects such as dolls or teddy bears can become little mini Chuckies. They are also capable of building and remodeling other things, which can be beneficial depending on people. They were labelled the 3rd most powerful for a reason.

In the war, Kuntilanaks and other Spirits were able to convince a handful of Poltergeists into helping them fight the war. Though some where reluctant at first, they finally complied and possessed weaponry's, makeshift roads to redirect civilians into safer grounds, and created safe havens for many who were either wounded or trying to get out of danger.


DEAL Type Edit

Genies (D'jinn, Jinn's), population 250 Edit

Beings of nearly pure magic; Can do anything (In this astral plane) it wishes, if not detained in a concealment object. ORG as successfully detained 247 Genies, and kept them in a vault where their abilities will never fall in the hands of those who are up to no good. Genies are notorious Deal Makers who would twist your words if you're not specific with your wish, for example the wish, "I wish for my dead son to come back to life", would most likely (depending on the Genie) result in your decaying son to walk up to your front porch and call out for your name, and the wish "I wish for the end of this war" without any specification can result in the freedom of the Genie to do whatever it wants to, to end the war. Committing mass Genocide, or destroying an entire continent is one of them.

The use of Genies has been banned by ORG throughout the world, as of their immense power, unless a wish is done by a professional. Their uses has once been responsible for the destruction of a realm, and a majority of the Orange Lizard Caste -- which sparked the end of the lizard Feudal System.

Strangely, during the war in New York, all of the Genies refused to contribute because "they're interference would most likely result in the destruction of more than one universe, this one included" and " We foresee something better, if we are not involved, however we wish you all good luck and hope that the best comes." This action was the only known action where Genies deny their masters wishes, however many speculate that it was because they knew that a significant battle ,which would change the course of history, was about to take place there in New York; their involvement would most likely diminish that which is something Alll Genies wants to avoid.

Not all Genies are bad. There are 3 types of Genie personas: The Kind Hearted, The Evil, The Neutral.

Kind Hearted Genies Edit

These types of Genies would warn you about the wish that you're about to make, and advice you to be more specific or rethink about how it would effect the you and the world and if it would benefit you or not. Sometimes they would even make suggestion of how they could reword or improve the wish that the wish maker made in order to get a satisfying result. (An example of this Genie is Nadine, the female Genie Rachel and Charlie encounters during their search for Betty).

Evil Genies Edit

These type of Genies enjoy watching their wishers suffer, and would not interfere when a wisher makes a bad wish. Sometimes, they would even question the wisher, if their wish is really something that they would want, an attempt to prompt their wishers into making a bad wish or a wish where the Genies could do destruction. Some have actually managed to convince their wishers into wishing their freedom, which resulted in a very wild goose chase for the genie.

Neutral Genies Edit

These Genies level between Kind and Evil. They don't really make any comments, except the mandatory "are you sure of your wish?" comment, and usually just pop up and go without a word.

Forest Witches, Population 75,340 Edit

Known Forest witches are, Baba Yaga, the Gingerbread Women and the Blind Sisters.

Demons Edit

Inanimate Objects Edit

Objects who contains souls, and wishes for things. 

Undead, Population - Edit

Vampires Edit

There are no such thing has "Vegetarian Vampires", but if any Vamp decided to label themselves as that, they would immediately be regarded as "pussy-ass bitches" by other vampires for being to "pure" to actually kill.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mothpeople were originally called "Mothmen" by The Organization but was promptly changed due to there being "Mothwomen".
  • Class B, Type 3 Werewolves are often humorously regarded as "Jacobs" by Organization staff.
  • There has been some social campaigns for the Social Acceptance of "Vegetarian Vampires". However Charlie has commented that the people who are involved in these campaigns "aren't even vampires themselves" and are "only looking for attention"
  • To tell the difference between Dan and Kelly's edit: Dan makes Trivia like summaries while Kelly makes reports.