The Somehow Corporation is a semi-supernatural run, multinational media, transportation, services, insurance and banking conglomerate. It was founded in 1937 in Davenport, Iowa as the Somehow Boat Company by the unfortunately named Halsey and Igor Somehow. Today it's main headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts and operates in two thirds of the world's countries. Very notably, the current president of the company is Carter Harbinger, one of the few Fallen Angels who have not succumbed to humanity's sins.

History Edit

Halsey and Igor Somehow were born to carpenter John Somehow in Davenport, Iowa, situated on the Mississippi river. Their father was known as "The best boat-maker in the mid-west", and passed on the family's carpentry business to his two children. The siblings decided to focus the company entirely on boats, but as wood was scarce during the great depression, they used left-over, semi-rotten factory pallets instead. Eventually, the company was used for gasoline-stamp laundering during the Second World War. It was taken over several times in it's life, notably in 1947 by the mafia with a less-than-peaceful takeover involving submachine guns, and in 1991 by the current president, Carter Harbinger. Through many shady business deals and "investments", the company grew until it became the omnipotent mega-corporation it is known and loved as today.

Notable Subsidies Edit

  • Atonica Solutions
  • Geyser Mobile
  • Excellent Building Company
  • Baskin-Robins
  • Yucca Bio-Hazardous Waste Management