Weapons Edit

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum SUPER Edit

A modified Arctic Warfare Magnum designed to fit the needs of UASF snipers, and the ability to chamber anti-VAMP cartridges.

Telos Spear Edit

Ottowa-Device Edit

Vehicles Edit

Tracked-Ottowa-Vehicle Edit

A series of special armoured fighting vehicles engineered specifically for magic-users. Some are simply existing military vehicles converted by the UASF, while others are home-brew. The basic principle is an armoured vehicle mounted with an Ottowa-Device that can be remotely used by a magic-user inside the vehicle. Some versions allow for conventional armament alongside the Ottowa-Device. All the versions go as following.

TOV-M4 Edit

Modified M4A1 Sherman tanks with a small-length Ottowa-Device fixed in the place of the main canon. Some versions leave the co-axial machine guns intact, others not. Bow machine gun left intact. Used extensively during the Canadian Werewolf Uprising.

TOV-34 Edit

Same concept as the TOV-M4, but with a Soviet T-34 instead and a medium-length Ottowa-Device

TOV-55 Edit

Soviet T-55 tank with the turret removed, with an especially-built unmanned turret in its place with an medium-length Ottowa-Device. Future versions had either a coaxial-mounted HS.404 or Oerlikon 20mm autocannon alongside the Ottowa-Device.

TOV-72 Edit

Same concept as the TOV-55, except with a T-72 tank instead. Some versions had a coaxially-mounted M24 Bushmaster 25mm autocannon while others had a 30mm 2A24 cannon.

TOV-HS1 Edit

Home-brew TOV. The chassis is similar in vein to a Soviet BMP AFV, however only a driver and radio-gunner is needed alongside the magic-user

Rauser-Class Jet Fighter Edit

A top-secret project conducted by the UASF since early 2012, the project aimed to produce a maneuverable jet designed specifically to counter any type of dragons. The earliest production models were used during the Siege of New York and effectively killed over two dozen dragons, with minimal losses. The jet itself can be maneuvered to an unprecedented scale, being able to out-turn and out-run even the fastest dragons. As such, Rauser-Class jets can only be piloted by beings without the need of flowing blood, such as spirits, Mothpeople and some vampires. Regular humans are not expected to live long enough to pilot the aircraft for more than 14 minutes.