Jack Lafayette Parsons was born as the son of World War 1 fighter ace, Hollywood technical adviser, and author Edward Charles Parsons in Cannes, 1946 . He lived most of his life in his family home in the countryside near Cannes, enrolling in several high-end boarding schools. Due to the expectations set forth by his father's legacy, he developed an abnormally short temper and was dubbed mentally disabled at 15.

Cause of Death Edit

Kelly's: On October 11th, 1965 at 14:02 when finding out he couldn't join the American Army to fight in the Vietnam war due to his condition, jumped off of his 14th floor apartment balcony only to land on top of a truck delivering pillows (not on top of the pillows, in the drivers hatch. The seat cushions sustained his fall). He was delivered to a hospital several minutes later by ambulance. Stricken by anger from not dying, as soon as most of his casts were removed several weeks later on November 1st, (with the exception of his right foot), he killed a security guard by injecting him with oxygen and took his gun, shot 4 people, went into a room to find a woman giving birth, shot the nurse (leaving the woman giving birth alone), went outside, shot 3 more security guards on his way out before shooting at several more people (not killing anyone, but injuring 5). A woman yelled out in the middle of the street "My baby!" as a stroller rolled in front of an oil tanker. Jack proceeded to shoot the driver and the tanker plowed into the world's first vegan cafe, killing everyone. Jack then proceeded to waddle (he still had his cast on his leg) to the tanker and drove it out of the vegan cafe(TRIGGER), running over a hipster, and drove to a nearby military parade, crashed through the barracks, stole an AMX 13 light tank, proceeded to level several buildings with the 90mm gun, drove it straight through a police blockade, and (conveniently) into a gun store. Jack then proceeded to make his final stand blowing up several more cars with the tank and shooting with several firearms before the owner of the shop attempted to grab a gun but accidentally got a tazer and paralysed him. He was executed with a very short trial the next day by guillotine in public.

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Dan: He burnt down a building full of people and took a family hostage and torturing the father in front of his children out of spite. Gun held to them all if they move. More reasons will follow because Dan is busy doing Ep 1.