Charlie Veronica Hopkins, born 20th of February 1925.

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According to records in the state of Illinois, Charlie Hopkins was born and raised in a higher-lower class household in the suburbs surrounding Chicago, Illinois. His father worked in a shoe factory and his mother was an average housewife. He had one sister, Lola Hopkins born in the 6th of July 1924. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour Charlie had a desire to join the Army, but couldn't due to the age restrictions. He finished high school in 1943 and immediately afterwards joined the army. He was placed in the 9th Air Force in Libya as a tail gunner for the B-24 Liberator "Murder on Wings". During operation Tidal Wave in August of 1943, his B-24 was shot down over remote mountains in Translyvania but parachuted out in time. Only he and the Navigator (Peter Forrestkey) survived the crash and survived for several days together. 15 days later, Charlie found his companion dead in their makeshit campsite. Several minutes later he came across whom he believed killed him, a Romanian soldier lost in the woods like him. In a spite of anger, Charlie attacked him but during the process was bitten in the neck by the soldier, who happened to be a vampire (the fact that this whole episode happened in Translyvania had nothing to do with the region and it's apparent association with vampires, it was simply mere coincidence.) After a brief, awkward moment of both parties shooting each other with no avail, they both fled. Charlie later escaped Romania and crossed Bulgaria until finally reaching friendly forces in Greece. After the war ended in 1945, he was transported back to his home in Chicago with his sister flying him back home from New York. The Organization learned of Charlie's new status as a vampire and formally introduced him to the Supernatural world in 1946.

Current Whereabouts Edit

Charlie Hopkins is formally registered as:

Charlie Veronica Marble Hopkins

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: February 20th, 1993

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Address: 220 Montauk Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States of America

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5, 7

In the New York Civillian Database. He currently works for The Organization as a Multiple Purpose Field Agent with his partner being Pocong Ahmad. He earns a salary of $28,000 a year and maintains Organization code, and all around law-abiding citizen of the supernatural world. Police records indicate that he has 14 parking tickets (11 of which are paid) and 1 speeding ticket (paid). He is currently in a relationship with Rachel Eaves, a human girl (Minimal threat).

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