Background Edit

Brandon and his brother Jason were left at age 4, after an unfortunate attack by Lex Lunaber.

Their neighbourhood was under the "Night Box", which acted as a cover for the 17th killing. Their mother was the 17th victim of the Lunar killings and they were left in the temporary care of Hobonoucus Joe. Soon after, they were taken custody by the org and was later given to a female volunteer who has experience with shapeshifters and those with "natural weapons", Amanda Joy. Amanda also has a daughter, Lisa Joy who then became the twin's future adoptive sister.

From there they were taught a bit more about their abilities and were trained in how to use them, although Jason was marked higher than Brandon and had more of an experience.

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Abilities Edit

Class B Shapeshifter

Like his brother, Brandon can change his leg structure to something that somewhat resembles the feet of Velociraptors at will. Testing concludes that this gives him a significant increase in speed. He is forbidden to change his feet into this form during in line of sight from humans and should only do so if life threatening. No other extra-human abilities have thus been discovered

Family Edit

August Crawford (Biological Mother)

James Wellington (Biological Father)

Amanda Joy (Adoptive Mother)

Lisa Joy (Adoptive Sister)