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Bethanie Abigail Dewilagger-Mordinger was born on the 18th of June, 1796 in The Hamptons, New York, The United States of America to a fairly wealthy family with some political ties to the local government of New York State. When she was 17, she met an Oil Baron by the name of Farager Mordinger at a party celebrating the Mordinger Oil Company's 10th birthday. They fell in love and married several months later and moved into an affluent Brooklyn neighbourhood with Farager. During her marriage, it was discovered that Betty was infertile and could not deliver babies. The couple wanted to adopt from an orphanage but was discouraged greatly by their rich families. They lives the rest of their lives child-less due to pressure from their families not to adopt. In 1850, a hurricane struck New York while Betty was out shopping and couldn't get back to her apartment building. A combined effort of 10 potted plants, a brick wall, a horse carriage (without the horse), and a lampost all crushed Betty with the ensuing flood dragging her away to the Hudson river. Records indicate that she died on 10:54 AM, August 20th, 1850 at 54 years old. Her husband later died of the undiscovered SAD disease and since no one was able to inherit his property, was sold to auction and demolished and rebuilt as a department store. Reports indicate that Betty and Farager haunted the Department store to their great amusement. Because of many reports of hauntings in the store and the Great Deppression and the stock market crash, the department store was demolished and was low-class apartment buildings were built over it to accomodate the economy. In 1930, The Organization found out about Betty and Farager and following standard procedure, created a record of them both and gave them false identities to live with, Farager becoming a Broker and Betty being an average housewife. Farager dispersed on the 9th of January, 1937, leaving Betty widowed.

Current Whereabouts Edit

Betty Dewilagger is formerly registered as:

Bethanie Abigail Daniels Dewilagger-Mordinger

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: June 18th, 1957

Place of Birth: The Hamptons, New York, The United States of America

Address: 737 Vermont Street, East New York, Brooklyn, New York, The United States of America

Eyes: Green

Height: 5, 0

In the New York Civillian Database. She is currently listed as "retired" but does not recieve any pension. Following standard Organization procedure, she is given a $200 monthly allowance. Police records indicate that she committed no offences and overall has a clean slate.