The Alliance of South American Supernatural Beings (Portugese: Aliança de seres sobrenaturais da América do Sul. Spanish: Alianza de los seres sobrenaturales de América del Sur) is the predominant Supernatural organisation in South America. It is known to be pseudo-fascist with magic-being supremacy, however they have not acted violently against non-supernaturals as of yet. Diplomacy between the Organization and the ASASB has been attempted before, but as of 1946 they are hostile and treated as enemies by both parties, with neither having authority in each other's territory, with an exception*.

Mundane Fronts Edit

Like the Organization, the ASASB has multiple mundane fronts to cover their real identity from the human world. The ASASB controls several drug cartels as well as a small private military company and a few charity organisations.

Diplomatic Situation Edit

The Organization Edit

The Organization and the ASASB are considered hostile by each other. Both organisations will immediately attack any trespassing personel if found on their controlled nations, and the identification by one organisation is not considered legitimate by the other**. Clashes between the two powers have happened multiple times in the past, each battle with varying results.

The Citadel Edit


Trivia Edit

  • * That exception being Honduras, which both organisations claim over. Constant skirmishes are the norm, and the country is constantly used as a place for both organisations to dump unwanted personel as a punishment. A small black market has emerged with Honduran civillians scavenging destroyed Organization and ASASB equipment such as crashed planes and abandoned vehicles and small arms.
  • ** However, dual supernatural citizenship is possible, albeit extremely difficult.